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What Makes Us Better? Well, We...

1. Return all calls within 24 hours.

2. Prioritize work according to need. Existing clients are always on top of the pile.

3. Delegate anything that we can delegate first (especially income generating delegation) to free up time to focus on non-delegable tasks.

4. Overestimate the turnaround time and deliver quicker. Under promise and over deliver.

5. Estimate accordingly. If the cost is not determinable, estimate high and deliver less expensively.

6. Always have a signed retainer before beginning work.

7. Check receivables each month and set aside time to call for due amounts. Its easier to get paid for work done than to get new work and go through the same process.

8. Always give fee quote/estimate and put in writing before beginning. 90% of client disputes are about fees because the lawyer was not clear about them before commencing. Everything in writing, no matter what.

9. Recognize when mistakes are made. We apologize immediately and proceed to make amends. Sometimes we have to write off or reduce a bill because it's the right thing to do.

10. Whenever possible, have direct contact (phone or in person) rather than via e mail and messages.

11. Communicate. Over communicate. Before beginning anything, lay out what you're going to do in writing and get the clients approval in writing.

12. Find out where the client came from and send a written note thanking the referral source every time.

13. Take referral sources to lunch, dinner. Find something to like and enjoy about them. They will make you successful and help you have a good life.

14. Are guided by what the client wants, not by what we think the client needs. We Ask lots of questions to get clear about the clients objectives. It is amazing how valuable and appreciated we are when we just listen.

15. Describe the choices and help the client make the choice he or she will be happy with.

16. Respect our own well-being. If there is anything we are not comfortable with, such as a client partaking in something illegal or unethical, we will resign in writing politely.

17. Talk about fees and costs openly. Shy lawyers don't prevail. Our clients need leaders, those who take responsibility and stick their necks out for the greater good of the situation or client.

18. Ask for help. We always run issues by colleagues and people we respect. We all need help. We do not strive to always be right, but to be good students.

19. Enjoy time with our clients. That's the best part, being available to them. We are respectful of their time, and we get to know them. We strive to make connections with all of our clients to aid the process of helping them.

20. Are extremely efficient. We have gathered expertise in developing forms and pricing the products at or below market rate. We stay away from purely time based billing.

21. Are careful about multitasking. We give each client our full attention.

22. Realize that the best show of gratitude to clients is great service at a reasonable price with a humble attitude.

23. Remember that clients make lawyers lawyers. Without them, we are just people with law degrees. With them, we are given the trust and respect necessary to help and do a wonderful job. They bestow on each of us a privilege because of trust and respect. And we earn it by following our own best practices, whatever they may be.

We are on your side, we are part of your team and committed to creating sustainable, win-win relationships

Monday, December 10, 2018



How We Can Help You

  • Physicians and Medical Practices
  • Hospital Based Practices
  • Medical Staffs
  • Med Spa Owners
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • PAs, NPs and Nurses
  • Surgery Centers
  • Vascular Access Centers
  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery Businesses
  • Imaging Centers
  • Home Health
  • DME Companies
  • Hormone Replacement Businesses
  • Professional Licensing Board Matters

Areas of Service

Health Care Clinic Regulation,
Home Health Agency Rep,
Hospital Based Practices,
Physician Contracting,
Hospital Counsel,
Hospital Medical Staff Rep,
Hospital Recruitments,
Medicaid Program Matters,
Medical Directorships,
Medical Malpractice Defense,
Medical Practice Formation/Rep,
Medicare and Payer Recoupment/Disputes

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